Natural Prevention for Penicillin & Antibiotic side effects

Herbal formula to clean your body after strong drug treatments

Penicillin & antibiotic side effects

While penicillin and antibiotics are very helpful in treating infections, we can’t ignore their disadvantages - there is a wide array of side effects:

  • Hypersensitivity or allergy
  • Change in the normal bacterial composition of the body
  • Drug interactions
  • Obesity
  • Antibiotics during pregnancy and early childhood
  • Resistance

These side effects could be from the chemical composition of the medication itself, or due to long term or incorrect use of the medication.

Penicillin/antibiotic is in the basic a fungi that is very effective in solving inflammations in our body. When you stop the treatment with penicillin/antibiotic this fungi is still active in your body and kills also the ‘good bacteria’ in our digestive tract that you need to prevent yourself from new symptoms/diseases.

Prevention with DisorderFree’s herbal formula

Worldwide, many health professionals prescribe their patients/clients probiotics during and/or after using antibiotics to reduce the side effects.

At, we see many clients who develop side effects and resistance after using antibiotic treatments. This is the reason why we developed several herbal formula to clean the body from the fungi that remain after the penicillin/antibiotic treatment.

Start cleaning your blood to avoid side effects

Our product is available in two packaging versions:

  • 50 ml package - for blood cleaning after a short treatment with antibiotics (shorter than 6 weeks)
  • 100 ml package - for blood cleaning after a long treatment with antibiotics (longer than 6 weeks)

After using our herbal formula, you can use a short time probiotic and prebiotic supplements to rebuild the needed ‘good bacteria’ in your digestive tract. If you use penicillin/antibiotic treatment for a longer time, we advise you to use probiotic/prebiotic supplements and Glutathione after our product.



Q: Are there any known / possible side effects?

A: There are no negative side effects for the body.

Q: Do I need prescription for the treatment?

A: No, you don’t need a prescription. You can order this product in our online store.

Q: What should I know about the interaction with other treatments and drugs?

A: Our personalized natural treatment can be used in combination with other medications. We don’t support the combination with narcotic drugs.

Q: What is the link between the treatment and other diseases?

A: With every treatment we look at the underlying root cause and at the body as a system divided in different sub-systems. We develop natural herbal recipes that clean the body from the underlying root cause. This has a positive effect on all diagnosed symptoms/diseases in your body.

Q: Is there a link between food and treatment?

A: It’s good to support this herbal formula with healthy food. During the treatment we give you the basic information to support your healing process. We don’t believe in food supplements, but we believe in healthy food that give your body the power to heal.

Q: Does the treatment influence pregnancy and breastfeeding?

A: No, there are no restrictions. All our herbal formula are safe for mother and baby.


Basic ingredients:

Urtica Dioica, Thymus, Uncaria Tomentosa, Citrus Aurantifolia, Radicis Angelica Sinensis, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Juglans Regia, Calendula Officinalis


Vocatus, Aqua

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