Respitory system

“Asthma!” This is the word I have often heard my uncles, aunts, and neighbors whispering among themselves.

Asthma is a (chronic) inflammatory condition affecting more than 250-300 million people of the world population. It is a disease affecting the lung, airways and subsequently breathing.

“Hi!”, I said to the nurse. Now, I know most of the doctors and nurses in the hospital. Even the pretty receptionist greets me with a warm smile each time I enter the hospital.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a Greek word meaning Panting or quick breathing. A common chronic condition affecting the airway and lungs, caused by inflammation of these tissues1.

I never thought that I will have to surrender myself to tiny parasites. But this has happened! My life is reduced to taking rest, and medications, thanks to the infection I am suffering from.

The major function of the respiratory system is to bring air in contact with the blood so that oxygen may diffuse from the air into the blood and carbon dioxide may diffuse out from the blood.

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